Simon P. Castonguay is a Montreal based composer of instrumental music working in the world of theatre and cinema. He offers cross-genre pieces, rooted in the origins of modern classical and ambient music, while straddling electronic minimalism. His work, defined by his listeners as lively, detailed and cinematographic, has been broadcast internationally on the ambient and instrumental music scenes. Under Tambour moniker, his work is the result of extensive research in minimalist and neo-classical movements. His meticulous compositions enlighten sound design and recording techniques of the minimalist and neoclassical movement — with twinkling piano and haunting string arrangements — building a dreamy yet uplifting narrative atmosphere. The artist has so far offered two EPs titled respectively Chapitre I (2015) and Chapitre II (2016), both released under his label Moderna Records. In 2017, he perform at Festival Montréal En Lumière, present the release of his Chapitres vinyl edition at Cabaret La Tulipe, and participate to Festival Vue Sur La Relève. In 2018, he unveiled two news singles Silhouettes and Orion. The releases are accompanied by a video / short film coproduced with Telescope Films. His next EP - Constellations (or how to stop time) - will come out in 2019.